Our one day courses are designed to provide you with information on healing and restorative practices that can help you to live and manage the issues that life sometimes throws at us.


- Walking in Confidence
- Life Coaching
- Healing Life's Hurts
- Understanding and Managing Anger

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Confidence is essentially our 'core'. The dictionary defines confidence as "the ability to undertake a task boldly". Sometimes this important ingredient is eroded in our lives due to challenges and hurts that life presents. Confidence is built and therefore when our confidence is shaken, broken or low it can be rebuilt.

Our one day course will provide you with tools and resources to walk in confidence, your self-esteem will increase and this will enable you to live a fulfilling life.

Course content includes:

- How confidence is built in us.

- Learn to accept yourself by transformed thinking about yourself.

- Learn to break the habit of self-sabotage and love yourself.

- Learn how to express and clarify your feelings so feelings don?t push you around.
- but instead you learn to manage them.

- Facing fear and dealing with fear which is the biggest enemy of confidence.


A two part course that will help you and enrich your life. If you are dealing with unresolved issues, unspoken anger or unhealed hurt, unless you get rid of it, it will hinder your happiness and steal your joy.

If you are carrying unwanted baggage, don?t miss this course which deals with real issues, empowering you to leave any unwanted, unhealed or unresolved hurt behind and walk away to live life to the full.


"I have a dream", the famous words of Martin Luther King.
We all have dreams. What is yours?
For some they are on hold, safely tucked away and conveniently forgotten.
Your dream may seem constantly 'taking off' but never leaving the ground
or its initial stages. Perhaps you know your dream and your desire is to achieve it.

In this one day course:

-Discover how to live an abundant life
-Learn how to conquer fear, the biggest enemy of dreams
-Unlock the potential in you
-Determine how to find and rediscover broken dreams
-Gain the tools and resources you require to pursue your dream

Regardless of what stage your dream is, realise that it is never too late to pursue it.
Sign up for the ?Dreams Workshop? and let it set you on the path to realising your
dream and living life to the full.


Anger is one of the most misunderstood emotions. But anger is also a positive emotion even though it is almost always defined in negative terms. A Biblical explanation says 'be angry and sin not'. Anger is a warning signal that something is wrong.

Our anger course examines the positives and negatives of anger. The course content includes:

- Understanding what anger is.
- Stress is a fuel for anger.
- Learn stress reduction strategies to deal with anger.
- How anger is created.
- Learn how to transform your beliefs and thoughts to manage anger and your emotions.
- The physiological toll of anger and diseases unresolved anger can cause.

The course will empower you with a 'beyond anger' response to life; which is about learning to reinterpret events, our perceptions and assessments of the world in a way that promotes mental well being.